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The International Geography Olympiad is an international competition for students from around the world which is organized by the International Geography Union, a global professional organization of geographers. The first iGeo was held in The Hague, Netherlands in 1996 – other iGeos have since been held in Portugal, Korea, South Africa, Poland, Australia, Tunisia, Taiwan, Germany, China, Russia, Serbia, Canada, and Hong Kong. The 2020 International Geography Olympiad was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2021 International Geography Olympiad was held online on August 10-16, 2021. The 2022 International Geography Olympiad will be held in Paris.

All participating countries send four students to compete, but the entire competition is done on an individual basis. Their ages must be between 16 and 19 years old (inclusive) on 30 June of the year that the Olympiad takes place. All students will compete in a multi-media multiple choice exam, a short-answer exam, and a fieldwork exercise. There is also a poster competition, as well. The students with the top overall scores, factoring in each part of the competition receive medals, and the top performing countries are recognized as well.

Subsequent iGeos will be held in Paris (2022), Bandung, Indonesia (2023), and Dublin (2024).

For more information on the International Geography Olympiad in general, see as well as the iGeo Wikipedia page.

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The top four students of the 2021 Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad will constitute Team INDIA, with the fifth- and sixth-place students as alternates. The students will win prizes for their performance, and will be awarded with the title of National Champion but the winners who fulfil the age criteria of iGeo will only be eligible to qualify for team INDIA.

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