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Earth and Space


Geography has been named as “The world discipline” because it consists of the study of our planet, its climatic conditions, the various landforms , and the different natural occurrences. It includes the spatial analysis of human and natural phenomena, the exploration of earth sciences, and the study of the relationship between nature and human life. Geography includes the analysis of social,economic, and environmental processes that affect nature and thus offers possibilities of solving important human problems.


Understanding and learning Geography is important-

  • To understand basic physical systems that affect everyday life eg. the role the sun plays in providing heat and life on Earth , how wind and ocean currents affect climate. It helps us to better predict and prepare for severe weather and use the resources of Earth for our benefit.

  • To understand the distribution of people around the world- The lifestyle of the inhabitants are affected by the geography of a region. The geographical conditions affect the social-cultural norms, art forms, literature, food habits, traditions and celebrations of the people that inhabit it.

  • To improve our navigation skills- Geography helps us to understand the locations of various countries. It includes studying the organization of landmasses and water bodies across the globe. It also allows us to know the expanse of landforms and water bodies in terms of size , height, or depth.

  • To understand the effect of climatic conditions on our natural resources and life- THe climate of a region dictates the life form that inhabit it. The animals and plants that thrive in a region, and the resources available there, are highly influenced by its geographical location and geographical conditions that prevails there.

  • To better understand why and how global interdependence has grown. Technological breakthroughs have created interdependent societies. Some areas are rich in natural resources while others are ideal for agriculture.

  • To appreciate resources of Earth and better understand its limitations . Knowing how much resources are available can help us to be more responsible global citizens.



  • The Olympiad provides exposure to students and makes them ready to face any challenges in future.

  • It improves the aptitude and competitive spirit among students.

  • It provides a big platform where students from class 2 to class 12 can showcase their talent at a national level.

  • Olympiad helps to improve the conceptual understanding and develops confidence in students.

  • Students gain additional knowledge and get early exposure to competition and learning.

  • It instils the quality of hard work in the students.

  • It also improves the Academic performance of the students.


The study of Geography includes the analysis of social, economic and environmental processes that affect nature. The objective of Geography Olympiad is to inspire the students to think about their own place in the world, their values, their responsibilities and the environment making them a responsible global citizen. It ensures that the youth learn to value and care for the planet and all its inhabitants. The Olympiad aims to provide the perspective to better understand the world and equip the youth to deal with the challenges of the future.

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